High School Mascot Collection

Ever wondered which high school in the US has the strangest mascot? Take a look at this collection of mascots and decide for yourself. From the cute to the bizarre, there is sure to be a school out there that went for something a little "obscure". If you know of an unusual high school or college mascot, send us the name of the school, the mascot, the city and state, the school colors, and, if you have one, a copy of the image. Who knows, we might just add it to our collection!

Ever heard of the....

New Berlin High School Pretzels (New Berlin, IL)
Colors: Orange & Blue

Cairo High School Syrupmakers (Cairo, GA)
Colors: Red & Black

Aitkin High School Gobblers (Aitkin, MN)

Tonopah High School Fighting Muckers (Tonopah, NV)